Pro Photography tricks for macro photographers

Pro Photography tricks for macro photographers


We will start writing on photography from this post. It will be continuous article.

Maximum of us have at least a little hobby on photography or capturing moments. It’s because we can’t capture the time, but we surely can capture an time frame as a still picture. Almost all of us at least tried once in our life to take a marvelous photo! I am not sure if you could or not but I am sure about mine 😉 In this article, I will share some macro photography tricks which will blow your mind. Of course don’t forget to try those at the home.

pro photography tricksIf you are not sure about background, put a black(pure black) paper or cloth on the background. Just 4/5 inch’s front of the background black paper, place another board or something which will prevent flashes to directly light the background. It will also help to put the background in a shadow. Place your object at the middle of the black background where  the flash will directly fall on the object. See the figure below. Two flashes were set up with two boards which are preventing the flashes to light up the background.00qr79-71045684

So we are done with the background. Now camera set up.

Every pro photographer waste at least one of his/her capture because of the settings. We will never know how will the photos look unless we take the first picture. But for macro/indoor photo shoots, some things are common or must. We must own a tripod. Without a tripod, these pro photography tricks will not apply for you. And then flash. If you don’t own a flash, make some with charger light or mobile flash, it won’t give the best result but something is better than nothing. And then we should have a remote. If we try to capture photos with the capture button on the camera, we may shake the camera. It will result blurry or bad quality images. As for this article, I don’t think we will need more than these things. Here’s a quick list of things that we must need for this pro photography tricks article –

  • Camera
  • Tripod
  • Flash
  • Remote controller

Place you object higher from the ground.  You can use pringles can or something like this to put the object higher. Than place your tripod to somewhere where you can easily place your  camera and see the object perfectly. It would be better if you get a macro lens. Capture your first image and see what is needed to change in camera settings or lighting system. Do your changes and capture again. Don’t forget to capture with remote. You mustn’t apply flash from the front. Use flash from beside, it shows the edges clearly.

Here are some photos below if you want to get some ideas on pro photography tricks!