Pokémon GO: Get Pikachu as your first Pokemon

Pokémon GO: Get Pikachu as your first Pokemon


Pokémon Go is the new trend on all over the internet. It’s breaking every record on app store and play store. Nintendo also got a lot of success with this app.

So when people start playing Pokémon Go, they are offered to get one Pokémon between – Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur. But not Pikachu!

Here’s how you can get Pikachu as your first Pokémon –

  1. Install Pokémon Go from play store or app store. Sign up properly.
  2. If you have already signed up and chosen one of the Pokémon, you will need to sign out and sign up with a brand new email. To sign out, click red and white Poke-ball, tap the settings icon in the top right corner, scroll to the bottom of that screen and choose “Sign Out”. Don’t forget to turn on the GPS.
  3. So now you are fresh and good to go. You will see 3 Pokémon’s are given. Don’t choose anything from there. Just walk away from there. To walk away, you need to walk on your own foot. Walking on your own means walking on the game.
  4. After a while you will see that the Pokémon’s disappeared and reappeared on a new location. Walk away again. Do that for total 3 times. At the fourth time, you will see Pikachu beside the 3 Pokémon’s.
  5. Tap on Pikachu and throw a Poke-Ball and catch that, simple as that.