Lantheus Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ:LNTH) announced the first commercial shipment of Xenon Xe...

Lantheus Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ:LNTH) announced the first commercial shipment of Xenon Xe 133 Gas


Lantheus Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ:LNTH) announced the first commercial shipment of Xenon Xe 133 Gas (Xenon 133) using unprocessed radiochemical Xenon 133 supplied by the Institute for Radioelements (IRE) in Belgium. The commercial availability of Xenon 133 sourced from IRE supports Lantheus’ commitment to ensuring the medical community has continued reliable access to Xenon 133 through 2016 and beyond. Lantheus is the market leader in the U.S. for the supply of finished vials of Xenon 133, an inhaled radiopharmaceutical imaging agent used for the evaluation of pulmonary function and imaging the lungs.

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“As the leading provider of Xenon 133, we have delivered on our commitment to the U.S. medical imaging community to secure consistent supply of this important imaging agent to meet the needs of patients now and in the future,” said Bill Dawes, Vice President of Manufacturing and Operations at Lantheus. “Through our exceptional quality, regulatory, technical and commercial collaboration with IRE, a world leader in the production of medical isotopes, we continue to provide solutions to our customers and the patients that they serve. We look forward to a long and productive relationship with IRE for Xenon 133 and Molybdenum-99.”

“We are happy to be working with Lantheus and expanding our commitment to patients in the United States,” said Jean-Michel Vanderhofstadt, CEO of IRE. “Providing for an uninterrupted high-quality supply of Xenon 133 and Molybdenum-99 are key priorities for our team while we simultaneously work to ensure that our important LEU conversion program meets the needs of its global stakeholders in the future. I am particularly grateful to the project team for outstanding cooperation and team work – – Lantheus and IRE have completed in record time an important project which has averted the potential shortage of a critical diagnostic imaging agent. We look forward to our continued work with Lantheus and our continued role in providing important medical isotopes to clinicians and patients in North America.”

Lantheus Equity Analysis

Lantheus Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ:LNTH) opened trading today as $4.73 and is trading in the range of 3.97-4.75 today. Lantheus’ current market cap stands at $154.79 Million.

Lantheus is currently covered by 5 Wall Street analysts.  The mean target price is $5.50 according to First Call.  This presents a solid upside to the current price of the equity.  The Mean Recommendation sits at 2.4 which is based on 1 Strong Buy, 1 Buy and 3 Hold ratings.

The current quarter EPS consensus estimate is 0.06 with revenue estimates of 72.66M.  Sales are expected to drop at a .90% rate. Lantheus reported actual earnings last quarter of 0.15 which beats the 0.06 consensus estimate, a 150.00% surprise.

Corporate Profile

Lantheus Holdings, Inc. develops, manufactures and commercializes diagnostic medical imaging agents and products that assist clinicians in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular and other diseases. The Company’s portfolio of approximately 10 commercial products is spread across a range of imaging modalities. The Company’s Contrast agents are typically non-radioactive compounds that are used in diagnostic procedures, such as cardiac ultrasounds, or echocardiograms, x-ray imaging or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), which are used by physicians to progress the clarity of the diagnostic image. Radiopharmaceuticals are radioactive pharmaceuticals used by clinicians to perform nuclear imaging procedures. The Company’s imaging agents include contrast agents and medical radiopharmaceuticals (including technetium generators), including DEFINITY, TechneLite, Xenon Xe 133 Gas (Xenon), Cardiolite and Neurolite.