How to install and use Authy for two-factor authentication on any device

How to install and use Authy for two-factor authentication on any device


Authy is awesome app if you want two-factor authentication tokens on more than one phone. But it’s not just for phones — it’s great on Chromebook, too!

Download and install the Authy extension from Chrome Web store. There’s also an Authy Chrome app, which is recommended for Windows, Mac or Linux computers running the Chrome Browser. Either one will work, and the setup is the same. We recommend the extension for a Chromebook instead of a new app. When the install is done, you’ll see a new icon to the right of the Omni-bar. Click it (or tap it) to open the extension window.


The Authy window will open. Now you have to verify this new device on your account. If you already installed authy on your phone, it will be super easy for you. Or you can just use an sms to verify it. Suppose you have already installed it on your phone, now all you have to do is –

  1. Enter the phone number that you used to create your account. Now click the button that says “you’re going to use another device to verify things”
  2. Make sure your phone(that have authy installed) have an active internet connection. Now check your phone, you will get a notification that says “Another device is asking for approval”. Click it, enter the pic if you already set up a pin for the app.
  3. You have to use 2FA to set up a new device, but it’s just for 1 time. You won’t have to use it twice.

When these steps are done, you will see the list of your accounts on Authy. You will also see notifications on settings icon. Now set up the settings first.Authy-decrypt

After opening settings, you will be prompted to set a master password. You can just bypass it. But we recommend you to set this up. So when someone else have access to your device, they won’t be able to get 2FA token. But if you set it up, you have to input it every time you open the authy app.

Now go back to Authy window. You will the list of your accounts with lock icon beside them. It means they are locked and secure. If you want to get 2FA for those accounts you’ll need to input the encryption password to sync with your Authy account.