A news about Pokémon Go!

A news about Pokémon Go!


As we know, Nintendo never could do something great with the Pokémon game. But now with their new launch on smartphones, made people go crazy. People are feeling like they can catch a real Pokémon. Well, almost real. Because it requires adventure just like the Pokémon animated series.

Pokémon Go has been the largest product launch we’ve ever seen. Larger than a new Android release or Galaxy S device launch. Larger than a new iPhone. Most active users on Android than Twitter or Snapchat, and some are even saying more than Google Maps. It’s B.I.G.

So, We live in a world where literally millions of billions of people own at least one smartphone now. So a good app launch attract more people than who wants to buy a new device like s7 or note 5. More than just a single carrier, region, or even platform. It attracts the interest of everybody. It’s something which can make people go crazy.

It’s still not live in Asia, but hopefully it will be soon. People in Asia are going crazy for this now. Some of them was seen to through rude languages to different forums against Nintendo.